Monday, March 27, 2017

Stuff you don't think about...

... The sewing machine! No, Singer didn't invent it!

The video is almost a half hour long, but worth every minute of it and you'll never take threading your machine for grated again! (and just imagine what  simple levers, cams and gears can do)!

I had one exactly like this when I was a very little girl:


Today's funny :o)


Not much....

.... going on in Coopville.  :o(

A fly on the window screen. (Told 'ya it ain't very exciting here.....)

Still have some snow around:

Just sooooo sick of it!

A squirrel at the feeder:

Charlie eating stale crackers - he loves them for some strange reason...

Spaghetti time!

Chicken foots: